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David Finkelstein is an experimental videomaker from New York City who writes reviews of experimental work for Please email him if you would like to submit work for review:

David writes: "I started writing reviews of experimental film and video works partly because I love these films and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with the world, but also because I'm a highly opinionated person, and I always have something I want to say after I see a film! I would love it if my reviews contributed to a dialogue about experimental work. If you have seen any of these films, and you have comments which supplement or argue with what I wrote in my review, I encourage you to write your comments in the "Leave Comments" form which appears underneath every review. ( will ask you to register with their site before you can post comments.)"

You may also read about David's video work.

Note: links to David Finkelstein's reviews of experimental cinema are on the website, and are provided here as a convenience. There is no affiliation between hi-beam and

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